Friday, May 10, 2013

Leaving on a Jet Plane... tomorrow

We have gotten to be quite efficient at leaving.... stock up on dog and cat food, extra paper towels for the pet sitter to clean up messes that might be made by any one of our numerous aged pets we leave behind. Dishes cleaned, put away. Clean sheets in the dryer, ready for our return.
We are scheduled to leave tomorrow, and tonight we are wide awake... restless. The van is not packed. Instruments are in their cases, put away in the closet. No preliminary set lists litter the kitchen table. No makeup bag stuffed into cowgirl boots by the door.
It's all about cramming the bare minimum into carry-on luggage. It's all about scrubs and stethescope. It's all about dogs. ROMANIAN dogs. WE ARE GOING TO ROMANIA to volunteer for Romania Animal Rescue!
How this came to be is a long and beautiful story and it all has to do with one lovely animal lover by the name of Cathryn Heart. She and I first connected over the love and care of  her old cat named Spirit. As a vet tech, I helped Cathryn treat and keep Spirit comfortable in the last months of his life. Spirit, and years later, Cathryn along with the other 3 sweet cats of the house have all now passed on. As Cathryn wished, her estate has now passed on great gifts to the animal welfare community. As part of these gifts, Monko and I are being sponsored to travel to Romania to assist Romania Animal Rescue in helping the dogs of Craiova, RO. We are thrilled to participate in this celebration of Cathryn's life. We will be working hard and hope to also share music with those we meet along the way. Please stay posted, as we plan to keep you updated on our travels as often as we can access wi-fi. Much love, and please consider giving to this amazing organization, if you are able.

For now, it's goodbye to our two sweet family dogs, Woodrow (black) and Quincy (curly)... We're off to meet new 
friends, but we'll have home in our hearts.
Love, gwyneth

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  1. So amazing that you are going bevause of and in honor of Cathryn. Lovely.