Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Arrived in Craiova

After 2 very full days of travel, we have arrived in Craiova, RO. SFO to Bucharest was sleepless and sureal, but all went as smoothly as possible, except for that one security check point in Heathrow where the entire contents of my luggage were dumped out and rifled thru. But, whatev, right???
We were amazed that we somehow got from the airport to our hotel last night...not only was it a struggle finding a legitimate taxi, but once we did, it was like a video game, driving faster than a bullet thru the busiest streets I've seen amongst the thunder and lightening. Woke up to a tasty Romania breakfast and braved another jaw-clenching taxi ride to the train station, where we bought tickets and somehow boarded the correct one. So far, everyone has been extremely kind and patient with our stupidity and lack of language. 
The 3 hour train ride was scenic and filled with friendly conversation from our seat mates (well, two of them, that is - the other two were busy downing a 2 1/2 litre beer and staring at us). Horse-drawn carts are common out in the fields and stray dogs dotted the landscapes. Wild roses and red poppies are in full bloom. Here in the city, dogs nap on the sidewalks and in the street medians. Many are "tagged" which means they have been already sterilized by RAR, but their sheer overwhelming presence everywhere you look is proof that there is still much work to be done. 
We were so happy to be met by Nancy and Rory of Romania Animal Rescue at the train station of Craiova, who shared that it is amazing how many LESS puppies are seen on the streets than when they first began these sterilization clinics here, which means it's working!  We have a big day ahead of us in the clinic and for now, are happily sipping on yummy wine and beer in our hotel room. Here are a few photos from our travels thus far. More to come! 
Peace, Gwyneth

on the plane

Outside our hotel, Bucharest

Much appreciated coffee!!!!!!

working horse in field, along the way...

horse and cart, Craiova

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