Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Preservation at The Historical Caspar Inn

Saturday night in the sleepy historical logging town of Caspar, Ca, proved to not be sleepy at all this past weekend as we and The Preservation (Austin Texas based band) blazed the stage of The Caspar Inn.

Folks came down from the hills and out of the ocean for this highly anticipated show at the north coast’s favorite, and last standing, historical roadhouse. Fans gathered from a rare sunny day on the coast, where they may have been elbow deep in the local agricultural commodity, or possibly abalone diving among the bull kelp forests.

For us, The Caspar Inn’s 104 year-old stage is our favorite place to play when home from our busy tour schedule. Over the years, we have had the honor of playing this world famous club/B&B (Bed and Beer) not only together, but with other notable local Mendocino County bands including but not limited to The Blushin’ Roulettes and Foxglove. These local groups, in some form or another, have had the opportunity to open for acts such Wayne The Train Hancock, The Devil Makes Three, Blue Turtle Seduction, The Shaky Hands and Emily Jane White.

As we did our best to play our most rockin’ tunes, featuring songs off of our soon to be released EP “Good Old Horse” (official release date July 20th), we could feel the anticipation in the room for the Cosmic American music of The Preservation. During the break, while the bands switched over, the sound of sea lions barking could be heard on the cliffs not more than 200 yards away.

With 6 top-notch Austin musicians, The Preservation dazzled the crowd with their spot-on 3 part harmonies, bumping bass lines, gritty guitars and keyboard, trumpet and, of course, the bell-pepper shaker and tambourine. The sound of boots stomping, yips and yells of the crowd along with the roar of the Pacific Ocean created a truly cosmic American experience for sure.

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