Monday, February 14, 2011

Laura Meyer Joins us in California

2/09/11 - The Crepe Place, Santa Cruz CA
The first of 3 shows with Laura Meyer this week...and what a fun night to start off the mini-tour with! The Crepe Place was packed full of eager college students ready to have their minds blown...

Thanks to Dan for the wonderful revitalizing raw diet while we stayed in the Santa Cruz Mountains


2/10/11 - Smiley's Schooner Saloon, Bolinas CA (if you can find it)
A rowdy rural pub in the beautiful coastal village of Bolinas
So beautiful, that the locals take down all signs that might direct tourists there...the best kept secret of Marin County (and we plan to help keep it that way).


2/11/11 - The Ukiah Brewing Company, Ukiah CA
Our last night with Laura (until the next time)... it was great to see so many familiar faces!

A Poem From The Road:

Never knew I'd be a traveler girl
wandering down the road with no diamonds or pearls
But I am happy as a clam
working on a grain of sand
There may be a home beyond the stars and sun
but even then there's no less days than when we first begun
I want to speakeasy brother and sip on Ale
I am a carpenters daughter and I am a traveler girl
When I am done and it's my time to go
I may be poor with no riches to show
But those who knew me will surely understand
I was a traveler girl working on a grain of sand
Happy as a saltwater clam
And as the seasons change, so do we
and we end up where we were meant to be
A clam with it's sand in the saltwater sea
A girl with a plan that was meant to be

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